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Adding your site

theorder.co.uk/directory is intended as an information resource for those that cannot find what they are looking for in our main sections. To this end we are constantly compiling new information, reviews and exposure to other sites where such information is to be found. Before submitting your site to our directory please read the following guidelines to ensure that your site is both relevant in content to our site and for the user.

Site Submission guidelines

1. Your site must be relevant in content to the category that it is submitted to. Please do not waste your time submitting a site that is not related as we will not list it.

2. You must not participate in link farms or link into bad neighborhoods. Linking to off topic sites does not add value to the user or to any search engine

3. Your site must not be 'banned' from any search engine index.

4. Your Site must not engage in any unethical search engine strategies, those who do are only fooling themselves and will be caught out.

5. You site must confirm to the Google information for webmasters guidelines.

If you comply with the above we would like to receive your link information and send traffic your way.
We do not restrict those who have no Google Page Rank™. As long as your site complies with the above then we are happy to link to you. If your site covers many areas but has a section that is relevant to ours we will only link to that section. Please remember that we wish to provide relevant information to the public and not refer to sections or indexes that are off topic.

Tracking your link and our link

Once we receive your information we will review your site within 24hrs (Mon -Fri). Once approved, we will send you the information regarding the location of your link.

It is important that you place a link back to us also. Please ensure that the link is placed within a relevant section within your site. We use a link checking service which will search your site periodically for our link back. If you remove your link to us then we will remove your listing.

Webmasters: Complete the form below to submit your link request to our site. You will be contacted via email when your site is approved.

NOTE: All fields are required. If you already have an active listing on our site, you can click here to edit your current listing.

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